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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

About Us


Atom Consultants is a respected design, engineering and project management consultancy, operating across the UK. We build long term trusted partnerships and operate according to the following principles: Respect for all Life, Law and the Public Good and always aim to act honourably, responsibly and lawfully to uphold the reputation, standing and dignity of the engineering profession.




The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (‘the Act’) seeks to prevent the exploitation of workers and to stop human trafficking. This statement sets out the steps Atom Consultants  has taken to prevent slavery and human trafficking within the organisation and its supply chains.


At Atom Consultants we do not tolerate any form of exploitation. In our industry, wide-spread outsourcing of work to developing nations is wide-spread, benefitting from lower labour costs. However, we do not outsource any of our work. Everything is done in-house and market rates are paid to our highly valued employees, the majority of whom have been with us for over 10 years.




Policies and Training


Our Human Resources policies, where relevant, operate in line with the principles of the Modern Slavery Act.  The policies make it clear no form of slavery or exploitation will be tolerated. We act ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships. We expect our employees to obey the law, observe regulations and guidelines and be seen to do so.


Identifying and preventing slavery and human trafficking is mainly an issue of human welfare. Our New Employee Training Pack includes Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Training, which helps trainees to identify signs of exploitation. This ensures that the employees of Atom Consultants have a good level of awareness around the prevention of exploitation through modern slavery and human trafficking. These principles can equally be applied to similar exploitation of colleagues and others.


Any members of staff may report concerns about modern slavery using our internal safeguarding reporting system, alternatively reports may be made using our long-established whistleblowing policy.





Supply Chains


Our supply chain is rather simple. Atom Consultants only buys services from reputable companies who have made clear Anti-Slavery Statements. We expect our supply chain partners to commit to:

  • Sharing our commitment to protecting the health, safety and security of employees, clients and others who could be affected by their activities;
  • Respecting the human rights of their employees;
  • Paying employees a fair wage and providing good working conditions; and
  • Obtaining similar commitments from their supply chain where appropriate to support their commitments to us.


We don’t use any agency staff. All our employees are UK or EU citizens and have a valid work permit and residential status.






So far, we have not identified any instances within our company or with any of the companies and people we deal with, which would warrant further investigation relating to exploitation of any form.



James Lupton

CEO Atom Consultants Ltd

February 2022

Click here to view a PDF of the statement.