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Our expertise in power plants ranges from the creation of full  structural design to writing software to adapt British Standard Steel sections to international client specifications for fabricated structural steel industry. With the noticeable shift toward distributed power generation and localised energy storage, involving either various types of batteries to pumped hydroelectric systems to underground compressed-air storage, and green energy production, Atom is well on top of the latest developments in this field, ready to apply ingenious engineering at all stages. Click here for our drone video of the Great Yarmouth Power Station.


Ince Marches

Great Yarmouth Power Station in South Denes

Great Yarmouth, in South Denes, is one of a new generation of highly efficient, gas–burning power stations, with the capacity to generate 400MW of electricity.The station was commissioned in 2002 and is one of the UK’s most modern stations, powered by natural gas using the latest generating technology – combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT).

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