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Factory Designers

Our  Engineers are experts in food industry manufacturing and processing facilities design and are committed to promoting best practice in design and implementation within the industry. Recently we have designed and Salmon Hatcheries (Recirc Unit) for The Scottish Salmon Company and Cooke Aquaculture;

Our projects have touched every area of the Food Industry and our significant  experience in this area is hard to match.

The challenges food industry is currently facing – sustainable food production while causing minimal or no harm to the environment– are similar to other industries in the global but rapidly changing world. The key issues to be addressed by the food industry are:
Reduction in carbon footprint
Reduction in food waste
Recycling of food packaging and reduction in food packaging material use
Securing animal welfare
Active facilitation and promotion of organic food production
You can read more about key market trends within the food industry at Origin Green’s website- Ireland’s flagship sustainability programme to promote sustainable practices within the food and drink manufacturers.

Sustainable production practices can lead to greater efficiencies, which in turn lead to reduction in costs. Not to mention the effortlessly derived higher customer satisfaction and longer retention, which are directly linked to more sustainable and ethical food production practices. Ethical and sustainable food production is here to stay. Our promise to you is to help you implement the latest sustainable practices within your facilities through effective design and efficient engineering. We will drive energy & resource reduction initiatives as well as look at renewable resources and reduction in emissions, prevent pollution and minimise contamination.

Read more about our food industry projects here.

Food Factory Design

Food Factory Design
Browns Brothers Kirkconnel Scotland
Vettel Fish Processing Factory Saaremaa Estonia