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Structural Engineers

Structural Engineering is a specialty within Civil Engineering. Structural Engineers create drawings and specifications, perform calculations, review the work of other engineers, write reports and evaluations, and observe construction sites. The basic tasks of structural engineering relate numerical quantities of physical forces to physical configurations of force-resisting elements.

In determining the optimum design solution for a project there are many different ways in which a structure can be configured to resist the design loading. Structural Engineers also need to consider a wide variety of different materials and strength classes which are available. Each different solution may have its own particular merits, however a number of different options need to be evaluated to arrive at the best possible structure to meet the project requirements.
It may be speed of construction, minimal material weight, standardised design details or a combination of these and other factors which determine the final design solution.
Refinements to the design can be introduced in the Project Detailed Design Stage. The arched roof structure indicated above was found at the detailed design stage to be considerably more economical in material use when the effect of the arching was considered in the structural analysis of the steel frame. A 33% saving in the steel weight was achieved overall in comparison to the Tender Stage Design. This required every structural frame to be analysed in detail separately, something which could not be done at tender stage due to the limited time constraints on the designer’s input.
Alternative Structural Design Solutions are often a feature of our Design Efficiency Reports whereby similar to the project above, significant savings in construction costs can often be identified.
There is often very little time in any procurement programme to consider alternative designs so get your requirements to us quickly to gain the maximum benefit from alternative options.

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