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BIM Model Auditing

Total BIM Co-Ordination can be defined as translation of different data sets into a common language in a single accessible platform. The widespread adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Construction Industry has brought significant improvements to the co-ordination of projects. This success is however tempered by the diverse range of software platforms adopted by the design, manufacturing and construction teams for the overall project delivery.
In addition to the traditional designer’s role, BIM inputs are now provided throughout the project delivery team and utilising many different platforms to develop the information models.
Atom Consultants have a vast experience in handling different BIM systems whilst bringing together all inputs into common geometric and data environments. This is what lies at the heart of our Total BIM Coordination Service. The “Total” approach to model preparation removes the incompatibility issues and ensures consistency in the geometry and information between the model data sets irrespective of how many separate sources or systems have been involved in preparing the models.

We have in-house BIM Managers (Information Managers) and BIM Co-ordinators and can take on the responsibility for maintaining the progress and the quality of information produced within the BIM environment. Our BIM specialists are senior and competent,  creative at problem solving and fully able to manage client interfacing salesmanship

We have advanced knowledge of BIM technologies and processes, and are able to manage all the usual deliverables of the CDE ( Common Data Environment), such as PIM (Project Information Model) and AIM (Asset Information Model). Alternatively, we can develop links between BIM and the client’s separate asset management system.

This entails someone fairly senior who is competent, able to grasp tasks required, able to foresee company demands while relating to administrative duties, creative at problem solving and having client interfacing salesmanship. This means someone driven autonomously but able to work harmoniously with the greater team. The fact is, people with all these qualities are rare.

Often the people most knowledgeable of software are disengaged from the construction process and the needs of the users, hence many offices attempting to use traditional architects for the role. This, however, leaves them overly stretched in terms of workload.

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