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Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers, in simple terms, turn ideas into physical things we can all use and enjoy, such as bridges, dams, canals, electricity centres, skyscrapers, schools, roads, railways, airports and train stations. From the Great Wall of China to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon- the structures that stand the test of time are testament to their creativity and determination.

Atom Consultants are proud to have contributed to the worlds infrastructure through many of our Civil Engineering projects. See Our Work Pages for some examples.
Often the work of our Engineers is hidden from view in everyday use such as the upgrade to the cooling water culvert system and flow monitoring station installed at Ironbridge Powerstation or the vast network of underground drainage, pump chambers, tanks and treatment facilities constructed across the Southern Water region.
The work of our engineers is often complex, dealing with different and often difficult ground conditions to create new and essential facilities to serve the needs of a public who may be blissfully unaware of the existence of our creations.

Following Brexit we fully agree with the report the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has recently published, making a case for investment into high quality, high performing infrastructure as being  vital for economic growth and improved quality of life. It points to transport, communications, energy and housing as being central to spreading opportunity across the whole country. Hence Civil Engineers are vital in helping to turn this vision into a reality and we are happy to lend our services to the common good.


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