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Design Efficiency Review

Design Efficiency Review is a review of constructability of the proposed scheme or a structure. Oftentimes those reviews produce mixed results, if done by young project engineers with little experience. Added time pressure is also a contributing factor, because design schedules and bidding periods are customarily short and the time allotted for a constructability review is routinely very brief. Furthermore, it might also be the case that the design is done by less experienced designer or the construction has been assigned to a contractor who has never done that particular type of project and you are setting yourself up for real issues.

The outcome of a well written Design Efficiency Review is wholly dependent on the reviewer’s experience level and amount of time allotted to complete the review. This important task is sometimes limited to only two or three days, hence it is of paramount importance that it is conducted by someone with a wealth of experience. Intimate knowledge of the type of project is also very important. Hence it is best conducted by someone who has been in the industry for a while.

The main objective of a Design Efficiency Review is to guarantee the time required to construct the build. Any aspect of the construction which enables the contractor to complete the project quicker will ultimately deliver cost savings.

An experienced engineer can suggest design alternatives, alternative methods of construction or alternative materials to be used. He is drawing on years of practice from implementations on other projects and has come accustomed to quickly identifying the main flaws in design. The use of alternative methods of construction, or materials, or slight changes in design, can help to give assurance that agreed timescales can be met. What’s more, the proposed changes can help to drive down the total cost of construction.

Our experienced engineers have conducted Design Efficiency Reviews on several projects, such as CitizenM Hotels in London, Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, Providence Tower in London, ASDA Eco Stores in Shaw and Bootle and many, many more.




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