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The 46,000 m2, £59 million Trinity Walk Shopping Centre in Wakefield West Yorkshire, described by Wakefield Council as “the most important City Centre development for more than 20 years”, boasts more than 40 stores and 1000 car parking spaces right in the heart of Wakefield, transforming the city into a sub-regional shopping destination.

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ASDA (part of the Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) has long strived to become 100% energy efficient, hence they were the first in UK to build a sustainable timber -framed store, which is 20% more energy efficient than their traditional stores, as well as lowers the store’s carbon footprint by as much as 50 per cent. We developed the designs for the prototype, which were to become a blueprint for all ASDA’s future eco-stores.

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Creating a perfect canvas for the Royal Bank of Scotland brand, their 11.431 m2 customer-facing facility is a landmark building on the edge of the Spinningfields development in Manchester. Referred to as the Canary Wharf of Manchester, the unashamedly modern grade A office accommodation creates a real presence on to Deansgate and the Spinningfields Square.

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Over the last decade Spinningfields has evolved to become the home for over 165 commercial organisations.The commercial building on No. 3 Hardman Street houses offices for General Medical Council, Deloite and DMF, as well as retail outlets and ground floor underground parking. Atom Consultants lent their hand with BIM co-ordination

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Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. Their vast offering of products includes trains, rail equipment and control solutions for all market segments, as well as category-defining business jets and commercial aircraft. Atom Consultants were commissioned to design the extension and redevelopment of their Bombardier Prorail site in Horbury near Wakefield, where their class 220 Voyagers were built.

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Atom Consultants has designed 3 of the Next Generation Clubs, now known as David Lloyd Leisure Clubs. David Lloyd Leisure is synonymous with high quality fitness facilities, employing some 6,000 staff, including an expert health and fitness team of over 1,800 and the contracted services of over 450 tennis professionals. Their racquets facilities are second to none with 800 tennis courts, 180 badminton courts and 140 squash courts across the UK.

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The Faulkner Browns Architects’ designed indoor ski centre Chill Factore is home to the UK’s longest (180m) indoor skiing and snowboarding slope and the coolest family day out in the North West. The development of an Alternative Design Scheme for the primary structure by Atom Consultants helped to bring this project within budget for the main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine.

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