Sir John Betjeman called this Gothic treasure “too beautiful and too romantic to survive” in a world of tower blocks and concrete, but it has, emerging more beautiful than ever thanks to Atom Consultant’s modular addition to the fairy tale façade that Sir George Gilbert Scott fashioned. Working for Hemsec Panel Technologies, we developed the concept design and manufacturing drawings and schedules,for the Thru-Wall, an innovative new modular Structural Insulated Panels System and coordinated the whole process in BIM. We also identified all fixing points, brackets and fit to existing structure (just 300 mm away from the original St. Pancras Station) of these pre-fabricated panels, allowing the installation time to be cut down to just 3 days. Victorian splendour was seemlessly blended with this modern modular solution, to let St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel dazzle once again like it did back in 1873.





Based in Rainhill, Merseyside, Hemsec Panel Technologies are a leading composite insulated panel manufacturer who supplied the large format SIPs units for the St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London.

Hemsec liaise with James Lupton and the Atom team on a regular basis, seeking their structural expertise for use across the entire SIPs product range. The resulting data is typically used within our certification provided by Lucideon, a UKAS accredited construction product testing company and by the BBA for accredited Hemsec products.

This project in particular required a highly detailed design approach, handled directly by Atom Consultants using the latest BIM technologies to coordinate the installation between an existing steel frame and the new SIPs walling solution which had to fit together with precision.

Their knowledge of the structural properties Hemsec SIPs provide is unrivalled and mutually beneficial; we have great confidence in the design and coordination services they offer especially with the bespoke fast track solution on this project for which Hemsec would like to thank Atom Consultants for their work.



Mark McCann, Commercial Manager of Hemsec SIPS.