Inverdee House is an extensive project commissioned by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). The building created a new office for SEPA and it’s laboratories and also for Scottish Natural Heritage and Joint Nature Conservation Committee. The intention in the design of this building was to reduce the impact on the environment through best practices of sustainable design and construction methods. The resulting building achieved a BREEAM excellent rating and an EPC A rating.

The scheme occupies a remarkable position fronting one the few remaining working harbours in Britain. The Keppie designed building only reveals its full height to the north-an environment animated by shipping serving the oil industry. The 4500m2 structure, spread over three floors, sets the key work spaces to the north, facing the harbour whilst service spaces; plant, meeting rooms, toilets, etc occupy the southern wing, minimising the impact of solar gain on the core accommodation.

We worked on the modular SIP elevation, which created the opportunity to provide the random positioning of differently- sized windows distributed along the elevation. The roof of the building was made of pre-cast concrete slab units, overlain by the interlocking roof SIP panels, which provided a high level of insulation and the working platform for the installation of roof finishes. The precast units provide optimum thermal mass for ideal ambient climate control to maximise energy efficiency.






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