There is no hotel in London, other than the citizenM Tower of London Hotel, that gives you this kind of sweeping view over such a beautiful city, including Tower of London and Tower Bridge. It has 370 luxury bedrooms and fabulous conference rooms, as well as a Sky Bar on the 7th floor, which offers sweeping views over the Tower of London. The downstairs lobby looks suspiciously like your living room, where you can cosy up on iconic Vitra furniture, while taking in all the fabulous design aspects of this beautifully designed and well thought through hotel.

Atom Consultants carried out a design efficiency review on this Balfour Beatty built £30M modular hotel project and developed alternative design details.  Modular construction methods were used for levels one to eight with the hotel rooms formed by double length pods with integral corridor sections. These were constructed and fully finished off site and then craned directly into place by tower cranes. These modular construction methods helped to reduce on site construction times and minimise safety hazards.

citizenM takes a leading role within the hotel industry- developing smart hotels through highly sustainable construction methods – complying to BREEAM and LEED standards – and unique, efficient operating models.

citizenM believes in “first-time right building”, meaning that they do their research, and  build their hotel rooms off-site to ensure a small carbon footprint, less waste, and more efficiency overall. They are also able to measure the energy consumption of their hotels thanks to smart, cloud based technology. Cosy, swanky and smart- well that’s a cleaver formula for a successful hotel for the global citizen.





Acting as BIM Managers for the project, Atom Consultants assisted with the co-ordination between the Architect, Structural Engineer and Building Services Engineer, between the on-site construction works and off-site manufactured bedroom modules.

Craig Kinnon, Commercial Director, citizenM

citizenM Tower of London livingroom work area


citizenM Tower of London Hotel awesome colour wall in livingroom


citizenM_Tower of London_atrium_upview

citizemM 7th floor

10TrinitySqare view from citizenM Tower Hill London

citizenM livingroom lamps