Brown Brothers– part of Browns Food Group, is one of the UK’s largest cooked and sliced meat producers, based in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Incorporating well-known brands, such as Hall’s, Lairds and Mostell, they turned over £151.7M in 2014 from their brand new facilities in Kirkconnel. Atom Consultants designed and project managed the phase 4.1. extension of their 120,000 sq ft factory in Kirkconnel and remapped the production process of this £5.8M construction project.

In 1993 the business moved to a new state of the art factory in Dumfriesshire, becoming Brown Brothers Manufacturing Ltd. The new site paved the way for both frozen and chilled products to be manufactured and distributed, enabling the product range to be extended and providing continued opportunity for growth.

We have been collaborating with Brown Brothers since 2004 on various projects.

The latest project- the Phase 4.1. extension was undertaken to expand the Dispatch and Storage areas to create more space, increasing the production capability of the site. We provided our usual range of professional services, under our Total Project Management® umbrella, acting both as Contract Administrators as well as Project Managers. More specifically, we created a detailed design of the extension, remapped the production flows and took care of all the necessary permissions and paperwork. We also obtained planning permissions, provided additional design elements and managed the contractor to create more car parking spaces.

Creating Social Value:

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was the presence of peat on site. It was discussed whether the ground needed piles, but we came up with an innovative solution involving the local community, whereby the peat was excavated and deposited on the adjoining land where it was landscaped to improve the land.

We designed and obtained a Road Permit from the local Roads’ Authority to open up the roads and provide a new entrance for the trucks, which helped to avert the parking of heavy goods traffic from the village’s main streets.

The extra space created contributed to increase in client’s turnover and brought the factory up to required EU standards. Our sister company, Atom Aerial, has produced some stunning drone footage of the site, which you can view here.





Your contribution on the project is very highly appreciated and you are showing high competence in you domain.

Wim van Roy, from Marine Harvest ASA

Brown Brothers Factory Goods in and Out
Brown Brothers Factory Goods in and Out
Brown Brothers Cooked and Sliced Meat Factory in Scotland