Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. Their vast offering of products includes trains, rail equipment and control solutions for all market segments, as well as category-defining business jets and commercial aircraft. Atom Consultants were commissioned to design the extension and redevelopment of their Bombardier Prorail site in Horbury near Wakefield, where their class 220 Voyagers were built.

The manufacturing unit had to encase two 40 tonne electric overhead cranes, which operate in tandem to lift completed carriages weighing 65 tonnes and transfer them throughout the full length of the new production hall which was 125m in length and 16m in height. Our design also included new offices, roof replacement, modifications to door and window positions, service pits in the ground to access the underside of the carriages and drainage throughout the site, including entry falls to River Calder which included a large petrol interceptor.

Your contribution on the project is very highly appreciated and you are showing high competence in you domain.
Wim van Roy, from Marine Harvest ASA

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