Ark All Saints Academy and the adjoining Highshore complex mixed needs special secondary school together with a sports hall and a community church situated in Camberwell, in the centre of the London Borough of Southwark,  were all  built according to BBi600 modular construction standard for educational facilities developed by Atom Consultants. By adopting a standardised method to school buildings, which facilitates rapid construction trough prefabrication approach, a 30% saving in governmental expenditure can be achieved.

Project details

Completion: 2013

Cost: £19.3 Million

Atom Consultants was the main consulting engineer on this Balfour Beatty project, together perfecting the art of standardised school construction and helping to turn this think-tank idea into an engineered deliverable solution, key benefits of which are:

  • minimal construction waste, as standard, prefabricated modules are optimally designed
  • offsite prefabrication of all materials  (including steelwork) allows for rapid assembly and installation, reducing delivery times and money spent
  • efficient design with pre-engineered channels and matching brackets in the cladding contributes to less tonnage, faster build and more cost savings
  • optimum thermal mass is achieved by leaving the soffit of the structural slab exposed in the classrooms to assist with the climate control within the school
  • immediate installation of modular services within the steel frame facilitates further reduction in delivery times
  • tight project footprint allows for continuation of “live” services while construction takes place, causing minimal disruption and no health and safety issues in line with the Balfour Beatty Zero Harm Approach to Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) was heavily used throughout the project, mainly to facilitate a high level of coordination between the different parties, such as Bourne Steel, who used our design model for structural steel to develop their manufacturing model. We also facilitated BIM co-ordination workshops, both on and off line to pull this flagship project of a new age school into a successful completion.

Architect Allford Hall Monaghan Morris won a RIBA National Award 2016 and RIBA London Award 2016 for this project.


Your contribution on the project is very highly appreciated and you are showing high competence in you domain.

Wim van Roy, from Marine Harvest ASA

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