London Aquatics Centre,comprising a 50m competition pool, 25m diving pool and a 50m training pool, was erected for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The challenge to Balfour Beatty, the contractor, was to construct a building which meets the needs of Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and accommodates 17,000 spectators during the Games. Particular challenges were presented by the complexity of the roof structure and concrete finish and by a contaminated site surrounded by a tidal river, a live railway line and power tunnels beneath the building structure. The sustainable building practices first pioneered here have set many new industry standards.

Atom Consultants acted as an integral link between the Arup Structural Engineers and steel fabricator Rowecord (now AIC Steel Group) to transfer the info from engineer’s design in BIM into the manufacturer’s information system. We have revolutionalised the often complex engineer to fabricator Data Transfer Services, resulting in unparalleled co-operation between multi-disciplinary internal and external teams.

The legacy of this Zaha Hadid’s architectural vision now turned reality will remain a testament to excellence in both engineering as well as sustainability.


To handle the complex geometry involved in the design for both the roof and the main concrete building, extensive use of 3D modelling, with models shared across different specialisms, was used. The resulting unified building is testament to how effectively specialists from different teams worked together. Such culture encourages problem-solving, making it easier for us to explore possibilities and respond creatively to the challenges set by architects and clients.


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