The new Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Midfield Terminal Building in ADIA, UAE, built to accommodate up to 27 million passengers annually, is truly impressive in both design and build:

  • 700,000 m2of internal space- the central terminal can easily fit 21 football fields
  • 275,000 m2of aluminium cladding
  • 115,000 m2of external galzing
  • 600,000 m3of concrete
  • 7,425 foundation piles
  • 69,000 tonnes of structural steel

Its unique undulating roof, spanning 319m at it’s widest point, is expected to be visible from over 1.5km away, rising 52m above ground floor- a true superstructure, while still meeting highest sustainability guidelines, achieved through the implementation of thermal conductivity glass facades , day-lighting interior spaces, solid cladding to reduce the sun’s impact and the latest water conservation methods.

The $2.93 billion contract was awarded to Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), and is set to open in 2017. We provided the client TAV-CCCArabtec JV with the BIM execution plan for this keynote of a project.

Only the highest standard of BIM is used in this development,  to ensure integration and coordination of building systems to maximize efficiency. In addition to the challenge in magnitude, this complex project will present many other challenges notably, completing construction within the active Abu Dhabi airport, creating safe methods for installing the high ceiling finishes and managing the large multicultural workforce. Additionally, the high quality expected for the project will be addressed through proper subcontractor/vendor selection, ensuring workforce competence, thorough quality control of material, and monitoring the quality of the BIM models which will be used across trades to produce shop drawings, develop construction schedules and monitor progress. Successful delivery of this complex project will also depend on implementing rapid mobilization, coordination of permits and interfaces, and effective cultural and organizational integration in staff and labour workforce.

Atom developed BIM execution plan is testament to our high level of competency in this field, examplified by the smooth flow of the ongoing construction process. Check out the project progress here: http://www.adac.ae/english/


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